Raffia Natural 100g (ea)

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Using raffia in gift wrapping immediately introduces a natural and rustic feel to your presentation creation. When used sparingly, it punctuates your nature-loving, natural intentions but when used in abundance it conjures upcountry living and rustic farm kitchens and makes a strong statement of simplicity and environmental awareness.

Combining raffia with combinations of wood, parcel paper, string, twigs, herbs, dried fruits, feathers, and other materials such as hessian or linen, creates a style that is, altogether, one of simplicity and it can be presented as elegantly plain or can be full of subtle details and perfectly suited embellishments

Small changes make big differences and perfectly executed details make impressive presentations. A simple and rustically wrapped gift, using a combination of newspaper, wrapping paper, brown paper, and natural or colored raffia can look a million dollars, given the appropriate styling, time, and attention.

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