Embossed protective wrapping Paper Roll 300mmx75 metre (ea)

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Embossed protective wrapping paper is made from 100% recyclable material from renewable forestry sources, it is food grade approved and made from contaminant free virgin fiber. This embossed paper packaging features a bubble pattern and can be used for a variety of packing purposes, void-fill, and cushion protection of various delicate items for transit.

  • non-laminated, so won’t separate
  • bio-degradable
  • 100% recyclable
  • food contact approved
  • low static
  • high burst strength
  • excellent breathability
  • easily formed and folded
  • ideal for scrunch & void fill

75 meter long rolls, available in 3 different widths:

Width Length
300 mm 75 m
600 mm 75 m
1200 mm 75 m

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