Cutlery Bamboo Coffee Stirrers 14cm (1000)

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Product Details
Size 14 cm
Material Bamboo
Quantity 1000 units

*Coffee cups not included

With all-natural visual appeal, sturdiness, and renewability, these bamboo stir sticks offer endless advantages. From stirring up lattes and signature teas to adding enhancements to a plain cup of joe, these eco-friendly 14cm bamboo stirrers are the perfect, high-quality option for your coffee shop, convenience store, concession stand, or waiting room.

Eco-Friendly Design

An all-natural option for your coffee service, these stirrers are produced from 100% pesticide- and chemical-free bamboo. In addition, bamboo is a renewable and eco-friendly substitute to other disposable materials, so you can be sure you’re always displaying a green initiative to your customers.

Extra Durable

These bamboo stirrers are also stronger and more durable than comparable wooden stirrers, so there’s less risk of breakage.

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