Catering Wave Cup 80ml – Transparent (20pc)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is Miniature and meant for Canape styled foods, kindly read the dimensions and information carefully before purchasing!

The Solia Wave Mini Dish Cup is the perfect alternative for your catering event, wedding, restaurant, hotel casino, and terrace party!

Its unique and artistic design delivers a modern and innovative service to your client. The mini dish’s pointy edge consists of a handle ; it provides convenience and style to your customers. In addition, its unusual shape gives the illusion of a smooth wave, adding creativity and sophistication to your catering presentation.

The combination of the container’s transparency and wavy form reflect creativity and elegance. It is ideal for your cocktails, juices, mousses, and custards.

Solia Wave mini dish cup 80 ml; clear transparent plastic. The product is recyclable. It can withstand temperatures from -17 to 70 Degrees Celsius.

Style Miniature
Diameter 70 mm
Height 70 mm
Heat Tolerance -17 to 70 Degrees Celsius
PLEASE NOTE This product is Miniature

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