Catering Mini Saucepan Black/Gold inner 45 ml (Qty 24)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is Miniature and meant for Canape styled foods, kindly read the dimensions and information carefully before purchasing!

Solia Eskoffie 45 ml Mini Frying pan; black outer and gold inner, plastic. The product is recyclable. It can withstand temperatures from 0 to 70 Degrees Celsius. Product dimensions: 30 mm H x 50 mm Dia (Pan) x 90 mm L (incl. Handle)

The Solia mini frying pan provides a fun, innovative, and artistic serving experience! It brings originality and creativity to your appetizers, risotto, shrimps, and fresh seafood. Small details such as the handle as well as the texture give a realistic and authentic touch to your serving experience.

The Solia mini container, designed with recyclable plastic. Its inner walls, adorned in golden hues, beautifully mirror the vibrant colors of your shrimp cocktail or risotto, elevating your culinary presentation.

This Eskoffie dish is innovative and leaves room for creativity and imagination!

Style Miniature
Length (Including handle) 90 mm
Diameter 50 mm
Height 30 mm
Capacity 45 ml
Heat Tolerance 0 to 70 Degrees Celsius
Quantity 24 units
PLEASE NOTE This product is Miniature
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