Cane Pulp Venezia Spoon (Qty 50)

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Product Details
Size 118 x 36 x 30 mm
Quantity in pack 50 units

This product is compostable. It can withstand temperatures from -10 to 347 degrees Fahrenheit. microwavable and oven reheating. Product dimensions: 4.7 Inch x 1.4 inch x 1.2 inch W.

Embrace the elegance and high class of the Solia Venezia Spoon! This compostable product can hold your hors d’oeuvre, small bites, as well as your favorite refined desserts.

This bagasse spoon delivers a graceful and charming serving experience. Its smooth texture and biodegradable feature convey an advanced and contemporary look.

This product comprises of a long handle providing a user-friendly and convenient solution to your customers. In addition, its handle provides support and balance. It may be served on a tray or served directly on a buffet table.

Perfect for your catering event, hotel casino, restaurant, and tasting party; this Solia Spoon’s hollow bowl provides stability and maintenance for your canapes, olives, and cucumber bites.

With its advanced technology, this product is able to withstand temperatures from -10 to 347 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Solia Sugarcane Spoon reflects an eco-friendly and organic image.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is Miniature and meant for Canape styled foods, kindly read the dimensions and information carefully before purchasing!

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