Cake Box Corrugated White 8″ Base & Lid (ea)

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This 8″Inch 25cm High box is ideal for Small two tier cakes, the peep hole lid provides a sneak peak into what is inside and gives the overall finish of your product an authentic look.

This box is not just used in the baking industry but in many other businesses as it is ideal for hampers or a gift box.

The base of the box is made from corrugated board and the lid is made from white cardboard, the cut out window is covered with pvc from the inside ensuring your product stays clean inside. Should you wish not to have the peep window, you can easily cover it with a colorful cardboard or tissue paper. Note that because the base & the lid is made from two different types of materials, the colors will not be the exact same. The reason the base is made from corrugated board is to be able to handle the weight of a cake or any other heavier object.

Please Note: Recently, there has been a shortage and a huge delay in importing of raw materials that requires box manufacturers to source from different cardboard and paper manufacturers.Therefore, the consistency of these materials is unknown, and they may end up having a different shade or texture.

Length 200 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 250 mm
Quantity 1 base + 1 lid

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