Box Noodle Polycoated White 16oz (473 ml) – Qty 25

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Elevate your restaurant’s take-out game with our 16 oz. container. Leak and grease-resistant, it keeps food fresh and is perfect for any dish.

The efficient one-piece design of the package maintains freshness by retaining heat and venting steam. Make heating up your food easy with the container’s convenient microwavable packaging.

Cost-effective and functional, the take-out container is also moderate heat lamp tolerant. Environmentally-conscious consumers will love the packaging made from sustainable resources.

Please Note: Recently, there has been a shortage and a huge delay in importing of raw materials that requires box manufacturers to source from different cardboard and paper manufacturers.Therefore, the consistency of these materials is unknown, and they may end up having a different shade or texture.

Size 473 ml
Quantity 25 units

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