Bio Straws Wrapped Sugarcane 8mm x 210mm (Qty100)

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These beautiful, organic sugarcane straws are reusable, biodegradable and natural. Sugarcane straws are extremely strong and durable by nature and contain NO inks or dyes. Not only do they look great, but they are useful too. These are the great substitute for plastic straws as well as the other straws.

What are Sugarcane Straws made from?
These straws are made from sugarcane fibres, known as bagasse, and polylactic acid which are derived derive from sugarcane and cassava.
How many times can I use a Sugarcane Straw?
These Sugarcane Straws can be reused several times if properly cleaned and stored, though they are intended to be a one-time use product.
Why are there variations in some of the Sugarcane Straws?
Sugarcane Straws contain natural sugarcane fibres where each small batch will have a variation in colour due to the mixing of red sugarcane and white sugarcane fibres. The plant fibres in each Sugarcane Straw can be seen when held up to a light source so you know they are made from real sugar cane.
How should Sugarcane Straws be stored?
Sugarcane Straws should be stored in a cool and dry environment away from sunlight. Heat and humidity will affect its durability and performance.
Can I use a Sugarcane Straw is hot Liquids?
Sugarcane Straws should be used in cold or lukewarm liquids. It is not recommended to use in hot liquids as this will affect the Sugarcane Straw’s durability and performance.
How should Sugarcane Straws be disposed of?
To ensure quick and maximum degradation, we recommend our straws be collected in composting bins and sent to composting facilities where they will naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic materials. If no composting bins are available at your location, our straws will take longer to degrade naturally compared to commercial composting.
Size 8mm x 210mm
Color Natural
Quantity in pack 100 units

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